Wind Mitigation

In order to limit the damage that is caused by intense wind conditions, specific building techniques are implemented in a process called Wind Mitigation. As a First Coast state, Florida is prone to windstorm damage caused by hurricanes, so legislation has been put in place that mandates incentives for homeowners to mitigate wind damage. After the occurrence of hurricane Andrew and the damage it caused, Florida implemented a law that requires insurance companies to offer discounts and credits to customers that have existing building features and improvements to their homes that reduce damage and loss caused by wind. Homes are required to undergo a certified home wind inspection in order to qualify for these available insurance discounts. Wind mitigation will help you save money on insurance costs and also help protect your home from wind damage because even if a home is insured, it is always costly when a house is damaged, both for the homeowner and the insurer. Because of this, carrying windstorm insurance is required of homeowners before they can be approved for a mortgage by Florida lenders. Additionally, if a home is vulnerable to wind damage, insurance providers may not grant windstorm insurance to the homeowner.

Sterling Home Inspection Services Inc. will inspect the following:

Garage Doors

Opening Protection

Roof Covering

Roof Shape

Roof Deck Attachment

Roof-To-Wall Connections

Secondary Water Resistance

We understand the importance of wind mitigation as a strategy to limit wind damage inflicted on a structure and we can help determine which improvements are necessary in order to protect your home.

Sterling Home Inspection Services, Inc. is qualified to perform a thorough Wind Mitigation Inspection on your home to ensure that everything is as it should be and can help guide you to make sure that your home is completely safe. Schedule your Wind Mitigation Inspection Today!